24.03.2018, 23:59

White Noise - Beyond x White Noise pres. Blue Hour

After we had a great night with Newa, our next guest will be Blue Hour.

Under the guise Blue Hour, British producer/DJ Luke Standing has carved his unique imprint and distinctive sound not only onto the UK Techno scene but the global Dance community as a whole. A series of notably designed 12"s delve forward and strike classically with a fresh, exciting fusion of functionality and traditionalism of dancefloor focused Techno, intimately driven by the spirit and energy of the 90s, Millsian futurism and timeless Electronica.

This depth of appreciation, love and understanding is also evident in his approach as a DJ, where Blue Hour's profound inclination to the discovery of esoteric records and devotion to creating a musical story spanning past, present and future creates an inspiring performance at venues worldwide, blurring the lines between geography and scene, light and dark, extroverted in its dancefloor pragmatism and at once truly introspective.

This young journey has seen Blue Hour attract the attention from many of the genre's leading lights and institutions such as Berghain affiliated record label Ostgut Ton and Infrastructure New York/Ostgut Ton recording artist Dave Sumner aka Function - who invited him to remix fellow Ostgut labelmate Tobias and to contribute exclusive material for Function's ‘Berghain 07’ mix along with full-track appearances on its supporting 12” inches.

With further releases and remix projects on the horizon, plus a busy global tour schedule Blue Hour’s presence is a welcome spark forward in the world of Techno and Electronic music.

Blue Hour (Infrastructure New York / Blue Hour)
Tobias Edelmann
Felix Lindner