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White Noise - Kitjen w/ Gilb'R (Versatile Records/Chateau Flight)

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Kitjen w/ Gilb'R (Versatile Records) & Igor Tipura (Kitjen/UTTU)

The history of modern French electronic and dance music would look very different without Gilbert Cohen and his label Versatile Records, established in 1996. Gilb'R began as a musical programmer and DJ for the legendary Parisian station Radio Nova, and continued to make a name for himself with his productions and remixes, as well as his partnership with I:Cube under the name Château Flight. At this point in his career, he is involved in so many projects and genres that others frequently refer to him as a jack of all trades in order to catch his versatile spirit.
Even though they are best known for timeless tracks such as Cosmic Race, their Baroque EP on Innervisions, and remixes for Theo Parrish and Mano le Tough to name but a few, Château Flight has more jaunts to enjoy; by working with Bertrand Burgalat, as well as producing the soundtrack to the silent movie Les Vampires, the Flight has shown that these excursions are well within their scope. Gilb'R has taken the liberty to do some traveling without I:Cube as his co-pilot; crafting jams together with DJ Sotofett released on Honest Jon's, Fit and home base Versatile, presenting his solo EP Le Maître Des Illusions, and submerging into the depths with minimalist ambient project The Explosion.
As the name Versatile suggests, Gilb'R approaches music with an open mind. His curiosity has even brought him outside the club circuit with projects like Terry Riley Revisited (with Cabaret Contemporain) and Versatile Noise Troopers (with Etienne Jaumet, Joakim and I:Cube). As a DJ anything can be expected from Gilb'R. According to music journalist wisdom, he is simply what they call a DJ's DJ. You can catch him playing heavy techno and house sets as often as free-spirited dance music affairs. A London admirer recently hit the nail on the head when he wrote: "I just seen Gilb'r's absolutely brilliant set. Pure art. Raw and vital creativity so rare today in modern music of any form.”