06.04.2019, 23:00

White Noise - Ritual_Digital_33_MIDAS_104_LIVE

Flyer für: White Noise - Ritual_Digital_33_MIDAS_104_LIVE
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[Katermukke URSL Berlin]

"In Greek mythology, the greedy king Midas wished for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold. As a self ironic take on this name, Willi Schumacher aka Midas 104 refines his insatiable thirst for new tones until a golden sound pours onto the dance floor. Midas presents his meticulousness for producing in his atmospheric live sets which occur in cities all across Europe. Many see him as one of the most promising talents in the Berlin’s dance-music scene, and his tireless ambition has many looking forward to seeing just how far he will go."

_Florian Bühler



We are ritual digital, a DJ-collective based in stuttgart and munich. We do partys for contemporary electronica and tender dance music.