25.11.2016, 23:00

RAUM 1989 - Cot010 - Cocytus Release /w HOURS, Chris Hirose, Peter Kneer

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FR 25.11.16 COT010 - HOURS - Cocytus Release /w HOURS, Chris Hirose, Peter Kneer

Chris Hirose
Peter Kneer

Releaseparty zu HOURS 12". Vor Ort gibt es Platten, Shirts und co.
"Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time."

Incl. Brian Sanhaji Remix

Cocytus, meaning "the river of wailing“, is a river in the underworld in Greek mythology. It flows into the river Acheron, across which is the underworld, the mythological abode of the dead. Dante describes Cocytus in Inferno as being the home of traitors and those who committed acts of complex fraud. The river of wailing is divided into four arms:

Antenora, after Antenor from the Iliad; traitors to country.
Judecca, after Judas Iscariot; traitors to masters and benefactors.
Caina, after the Biblical Cain; traitors to blood relatives.
Ptolomea, after Ptolemy, governor of Jericho, who murdered his guests (1 Maccabees); traitors to guests.

Based on these assumptions COT labelhead HOURS crafted three pensive tracks, one of which was reinterpreted by Brian Sanhaji.


A1 - HOURS - Antenora (Original Mix)
A2 - HOURS - Judecca (Original Mix)
B1 - HOURS - Judecca (Brian Sanhaji Remix)
B2 - HOURS - Caina (Original Mix)

Vinyl 12“: 07.11.2016
Digital: 21.11.16

Club Lehmann/Raum 1989
Seidenstr 20 (Bosch Areal)
70174 Stuttgart

Doors : 23.00 Uhr – 05.00