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Proton The Club - Jizzle // GEE // ROYAL Messenger LIVE @Proton CLUB - Stuttgart

Flyer für: Proton The Club - Jizzle // GEE // ROYAL Messenger LIVE @Proton CLUB - Stuttgart
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JIZZLE, GEE & ROYAL MESSENGER are 3 top Gambian award winning artist...
they will be live in stuttgart germany for the very first time...

Born Jerreh Jallow, he was christened Jizzle by his pals. He put his talents to test as a teen, displaying natural stage presence and star quality in his performances. Music has since been his way, encompassing both writing and singing ability.

Jizzle is well on his way to making a significant break into the music industry. He and Atlanta musicProducerPapahave released their debut single ‘Dance to the Sound‘ on International Record Consortiumand The Loopyfrost Label. Already making major traction in the U.S. and West Africa, ‘Dance to the Sound‘ is a club banger that leaves nothing to the imagination, and is sure to get club goers on the dance floor.

About the Artist

A conscious singer and songwriter, Jizzle is sensitive to his environment. Evident in his debut single, “Over Sona” in which he highlights the plights of young people neglected by the adult world. ‘Over Sona’ itself, is an exaggerated expression of despair common among Gambian young people. “I thought I’d never experience such conditions until I saw people’s lives, so I sang it,” he once said in a newspaper interview.

But, every right goes with a responsibility – a clichéJizzle often ponders. In his hit single, ‘Life Is Not Easy’,Jizzle criticises the status quo in the ghettos where young people tend to build a utopia and challenges them to “make their minds up,” “get their heads up” and work up their potentials, despite the many odds. For him, success is a destination journeyed through inescapable bumpy road.

There are other moods, too, in the 25 songs Jizzle, so far, has to his name. For instance, in hits, ‘Rumpa’, and ‘Mi Deh Pan Mi Side’, Jizzle gives us lilting melodic tributes to love, beauty and tenderness. Lo and behold, it’s the hit, “Together We Make” that propels him into the international limelight. Fan votes selected the song on Global Rock Star, an international music award.

Some are born with musical talents while others have to study and hone their craft through hard work, and both holds true for Jizzle. Young as he may be, in age and experience in the music industry, Jizzle nonetheless does not take for granted his natural musical ability and quality. He employs both exuberance and brainpower to pull off conscious, sweet songs viable in today’s pop-culture.

While Gambia’s music industry boasts a flood of talented young singers, Jizzle undoubtedly is a rare breed. He majors in rap but occasionally sings dancehall. One of his wonders is that he sings in three major West African languages – Fula, Mandingo and Wolof – and an international language, English, making him a marketable brand, both at home and abroad. Besides, a growing popular demand, Jizzle performs in major national concerts and features on radio and TV shows such as the popular BNL TV Show.

“Here are songs that are relevant to today’s Gambia and the world as a whole. Here are songs that have the potential to influence for the better the lives of many people who have chosen a wrong path. Here are songs that kick everyone onto the dance floor. Written and sang by a young singer with a potential to be Gambia’s greatest musical ambassador. Here is an opportunity to invest in Gambian music and have, in return, value for your investment. Here is a platform for you to entertain and be entertained. It is the Jizzle Kingdom.” -Jizzle