27.04.2018, 23:00

Lehmann Club - Berliner Luft Nacht im Lehmann (free entry)

Flyer für: Lehmann Club - Berliner Luft Nacht im Lehmann (free entry)
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mit Maral Salmassi, Mareena & vielen mehr @ Lehmann

Datum: Freitag, 27.04.2018
Start: 23:00 Uhr
Location: Lehmann, Stuttgart
Eintritt: FREIER EINTRITT BIS 01:00 (ab dann 10 €)

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Ackermann [Traktor Records – STUTTGART]


David Löhlein B2B Wegmeth [AEON – STUTTGART]


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Maral Salmassi (

Salmassi’s music career began in 1997 when she founded her first label Konsequent, on which she
released music by artists such as Jay Denham, Christian Morgenstern, Fanon Flowers, and Alexander Kowalski, among others. In 1998 she co-founded the Cologne-based Techno and Electro distribution company Formic, which served as one of the most radical distributers of Detroit Techno and abstract electronica and was the sole European distributor for many underground labels. Additionally, in 1999 she formed the media label Art Of Perception, releasing music of artists like Jimmy Tenor, Alter Ego, Michael Mayer and Andrew Weatherall to name a few. In 2003 after the sudden and tragic death of Christian Morgenstern (with whom she shared a deep creative and personal relationship), she left the techno scene and all related projects to focus on expanding her musical repertoire. 2006 then brought the beginning of her Bass / Electro label Television Rocks, which showcased her obsession with flexible use of genre. Through her alter ego “Kali”, she developed a sound she calls “Bolly-Tech“ – a combination of Trap, Hip-Hop, and Ghetto-Tech influenced by traditional Bollywood and Maghrebian music. Now, after a long hiatus Salmassi has both relaunched the Konsequent techno label and begun to produce Techno again that through her wealth of experience in many genres, is as banging as the 90’s and truly unique in context of today’s electronic music scene.
Mareena (
A Berlin resident since 2004, Mareena developed her musical career in interaction with the steady advancement of techno and house in Berlin after moving from Rostock / East Germany. As a result of her experiences within the diverse musical channels of Berlin she has developed her own distinct sound. This development naturally led to DJ gigs in many notable underground clubs such as About Blank, Berghain, Griessmühle and eventually a residency at Tresor. Her influences range far and wide, including anything from Detroit and Chicago acid to the more hypnotic take on dub, ambient, and techno. Throughout the years she has performed extensively both locally and internationally, accomplishing the rare feat of earning a reputation solely as a DJ and curator. As one of the curators of the New Faces night at Tresor as well as her UNRUSH podcast, interview and event series, she has continuously crafted new conduits for both established and emerging artists to break down musical barriers and transform the world around them. As a DJ she is a chameleon, carefully stitching together immaculate and immersive sound landscapes for any occasion. Whether she is playing peak time, warm up, or after hour, her sound reveals an intelligent eclecticism fused with bold elements of surprise that exemplify her rich knowledge of electronic music culture.
Ackermann (

After EP releases on Get Physical, Leena, Tenampa and Danse Club, 2017 saw german house- and techno- affocionado Ackermann release on Second State, Soso and Kling Klong. His style denies to be categorized and suprises with every new release, he is effortlessly pending between deep house and techno but always maintaining his trademark musical approach and his high production standards dropping techno one one release, leftfield deep house or thumping tech house on the next. But despite his high output and stylistically wide range he still manages to sound a bit different to the rest of the bunch and you can almost certainly tell that its an Ackermann record. So its no surprise his music played by a pretty wide set of Djs from Pan-Pot, Maya Jane Coles or Anja Schneider to Oliver Schories, Acid Pauli, Nicole Moudaber, Joris Voorn or Slam.
David Löhlein (

“Music as compass”. If David Löhlein would have to label his life in one book title, this would be the answer. Born 1996 in a small city in Germany named Albstadt-Ebingen, he started to play the trumpet with 12 years. Other interests, and a wild youth stopped him playing the instrument only four years later. Yet, rhythm, sound and beats remained as continuous companions. With 17 he came in contact with Electronic music through his best friend, and the passion for music awaked as strongly as never before. Together, they started to organize electronic music events in Stuttgart. Since then, his live focuses entirely on techno – bringing his lifestyle, motivation, and career aspirations to flow in the 4/4 beat. Until now, until tomorrow, probably until the end of his life nothing will be changed on this heartbeat.
Wegmeth (

Wegmeth is a German Dj and producer in stuttgart, who has been playing techno since 2013. After his first rave it was clear: He will love and live this kind of music. Music has been the only reliable constant for him and has been part of his life since early childhood. His musical development led him from playing the classical guitar, to rock and hip hop and finally to his true passion: Techno music. "Techno knows no rules, Techno knows no boundaries. Techno is a permanent advancement of personal taste and expression. This is why this kind of music keeps fascinating me again and again."

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