19.12.2014, 23:00

Toy - ToY AHOI!. Robin Hirte x HOURS x Harry Nash

23 bis 08 Uhr


Robin Hirte
Nachtstrom Schallplatten / Lehmann Stuttgart

(Affin / DFR)

(Club ToY)

Robin Hirte:

Robin Hirte was born October 11 1972 in Stuttgart, the son of an opera singer and the Brother of a successful guitar player and an opera singer/singing teacher.
At the Age of 11 years he was at the "disco" in the youth club of his city - He saw this and said: "THAT'S MY THING"
3 months later he was a member of their "disco group" and had his first (of many to come) gigs (very succesful).
In the next few years he was the main DJ at all the parties and events (private and school) around his town.
Aged 15 he won a DJ Contest at a dance school and from then he played every Saturday in the "dance-school-disco".
Aged 16 he helped a friend DJ who was ill and played one night in the legendary ROXY in Stuttgart, on a Thursday on a new wave evening - Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb. The Main DJ of ROXY heard him and asked if he'd play alongside him. There he played mixed music, from Soul, Black, New Wave, Oldies, Neue Deutsche Welle. From this day on, Robin played every weekend in all the big clubs in Stuttgart, such as; OZ, BOA, Perkins Park, Musicland, Nachtwerk.
In 1993 it was the Summer of Trance, he found his Love for Techno and in the following years he had residencies and bookings in the biggest clubs in town: Skylab, Zenit, OZ, TOY, Ohm, Paris Club, Stomp, Nexus 6, Störung.
He played 3 x at Love Parade Berlin, 4 x Street Parade Zürich, some Mayday-Afterhours and many more exclusive dates.
In 1998 he began to work in the studio and had 4 releases, but these were made with other producers in their studios. Robin took his time and began to learn to produce his own style. After a little break from 2 years he came back in 2007, no longer with turntables, just the notebook and his controller that today brings a revolutionary sound to dancefloors.


Hours seeks input from a broad range of music to inspire his own twisted and progressive creations. His unique style and taste range across groovy ambient sounds, house tunes right into heavy techno. Still, the biggest impact on his vision for electronic music was the hell hole called Club Prag on the outskirts of the German city Stuttgart, where he started clubbing in his late teens, started DJing in 2009 and and is now known as the infamous “Lehmann Club”, located at the heart of South German Motor City, where he has been a resident since 2010.

Releasing hardcore punk records back in 2010 and 2011, the German producer looked forward to expand his musical horizon and started HOURS in 2012, a project dedicated to atmospheric electronic music with plenty of raw textures and grooves. Throughout this time he produced, mixed and mastered countless underground records for various German bands and artists, ranging from Hip-Hop to Death Metal.

After refining his sound for over two years, he finally released his debut on Driving Forces Recordings and followed it up with an EP for London based 2651 Records in 2014. Right now this ambitious young fellow is preparing even more material to be released in 2015. Asked if this broad in- and output of such diverse musical influence could have any adverse effects on his own material, his usual answer will be: “I don’t think so. For me, it’s just music. There is a time and place for anything. If I showed you the parallels between a great techno tune and a really underground sludge metal record, you’d be more than surprised…“