29.11.2019, 23:00

Dresden - Midnight Service w/ Julian Bender

Flyer für: Dresden - Midnight Service w/ Julian Bender
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Julian Bender (Disco Zwei, Mannheim)
Fairgold (Midnight Service)
Jakob Mäder (Midnight Service)
Kiehl (Midnight Service)

Please welcome Julian Bender to the DJ booth. Our Mannheim based guest is not only having a long-time residency at renowned club Disco Zwei but also curating various projects throughout the city. Besides playing House Music for the past decade, Julian has been busy running his queer club night PALS. Internationally renowned guests so far include the likes of Octo Octa, Roi Perez & Gerd Janson to name a few. His characteristic way of playing the sweetest tunes in the proper moment makes him a standout picker that goes way beyond his home. At DISCO ZWEI, he learned his craft the hard way: Spending countless nights in the club and navigating a crowd all night is a gift that only a few can manage so well. In his spare time, Julian co-owns the bar KIOSK and takes care of his little design studio Granada Hills. Just like his robotic namesake, Julian is being a jack of many trades: playing your favourite tracks, being creative or hosting a club night. Rest assured, he might drop the needle but he never drops the ball.