20.09.2019, 23:00

Dresden - Midnight Service w/ Philipp Schultheis

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Philipp Schultheis (Savour The Moment, Wilde Renate)
Fairgold (Midnight Service)
Jakob Mäder (Midnight Service)
Kiehl (Midnight Service)

Wilde Renate regular Philipp Schultheis plays house & disco records. Ransom Note called him a disc jockey on the rise who has moulded a collection of tracks in a precise and intricate manner with imaginative twists and turns, while his mix for Crack Magazine is blending glittering technicolour cuts into a buoyant, hour-long excursion primed for the dance. As he’s also a resident at Marlon Hoffstadt's phone-free Savour The Moment series, we’d like you to turn your mobiles into flight mode and enjoy the evening!