24.11.2023, 23:00

Climax Institutes - D.A.M w/ Samet Gunal (Dessert, Engrave LTD), Chamelio3000 & Mary

Flyer für: Climax Institutes - D.A.M w/ Samet Gunal (Dessert, Engrave LTD), Chamelio3000 & Mary
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Samet Gunal (Dessert, Engrave LTD)
Chamelio3000 & Mary (D.A.M, Haus4Elektro)

D.A.M - Music for dancers and lovers.
Take a moment and ask yourself:
Does it make me happy? Is making me want to dance?
Does it make me loose control? Will it set me free?
D.A.M - In and out. Up and down. Move your body.

Samet Gunal:
Samet's attachment to electronic music can be linked back to his childhood. Samet, who was born in Istanbul in 1989, began his musical journey with a transcendental song he heard for the first time in 2005. The inspirational nature of the music touched him deeply and captivated him.
He started working as a radio DJ in 2007, which brought him attention and praise for the first time. He subsequently studied music and DJing at the SAE Institute in Istanbul in 2009. Since 2010, he has actively continued his DJ career, sharing booths with many local and foreign artists. Soon he also started producing his own music himself. His first release was signed to the Hydera label, followed by a second release on Engrave LTD and not least his latest track released on Dessert.
Fueled by a musical experience that changed his life, his tireless dedication to producing and playing music has continued regardless. This is how Samet developed his own musical identity, filling dance floors with full energy and making electronic music indispensable to his life to this day.

Playing music from joy and passion. Mary's dj-sets are energetic, melodic and full of rhythm. Feel the vibes and dance with this fascinating lady until sunrise.

Deep musical influence paired with the easy & fluid flight through electronic genres. Chamelio takes you on a trip with his spaceship.


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