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Nach dem im November 2017 François X Debüt Album erschien, startete der gebürtige Pariser und Label Boss von Dement3d 2018 die "Irregular Passion Album Tour".
Er ist quer über den Planeten unterwegs, 14 Länder in Europa und Asien. Eine Woche zuvor ist er im CONCRETE und direkt im Anschluss im BLITZ Music Club und Sonntags dann im Berghain / Panorama Bar.
Wir freuen uns darauf!

Line Up:
François X (DEMENT3D - Paris)
Ahmet Tosun




About Suzi:
"Despite having such a laid-back and organic sound more informed by musical beauty than muscular groove, Suzanne Kraft has been one of the most prominent stars of the last few of years. Born Diego Herrera and raised in Los Angeles, the humidity and sun of that state looms large over his DJ and studio output.

Formally trained on saxophone, guitar, bass and keys but hypnotised by the one-man-band possibilities of producing on a computer, Herrera’s work has been at the heart of a blissed out and slow motion revolution that has brought real beauty to the dance floor.

It comes in both LP and EP format on labels like Running Back, Melody as Truth and Animals Dancing, and effortlessly ranges from absorbing ambient to deep house via colourful disco. As a DJ, he tells equally compelling tales, and can headline at places like Robert Johnson as ably as he can play six slow and subversive hours of cosmic sounds at Griessmühle’s celebrated Cocktail D’Amore in Berlin.

Melody always colours what Herrera does, and for that reason his sounds tread a fine line between proper listening music as well as stuff that works in a club. What’s more, his knack for roomy grooves and spacious sounds separates him from the crowd and means that whether he is making music for sleeping or music for dancing, there is always a common and coherent thread running through it.

Aside from all this, Herrera can also jam in the live arena and has done with the likes of Johnny Nash, had a long running and musically widescreen show on dublab - the not for profit radio station where he was creative director for years - and is starting his own label, P&D Records, with best mate and dublab host P Relief. Though he himself is never in a rush to go anywhere, then, the music of Suzanne Kraft always manages to transport you to somewhere else entirely."

_RSS Disco DJ-Set
[hafendisko Hamburg]

_Florian Bühler

Lights and visuals by KOLLEKTOR EMITTER.

is a monthly party for contemporary electronica, and tender dance music at White Noise. Hosted by the ritual digital collective.

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