20.10.2017, 23:00

White Noise - Lift pres. Kid Simius (Jirafa Records/Katermukke/DJ Set)

Flyer für: White Noise - Lift pres. Kid Simius (Jirafa Records/Katermukke/DJ Set)
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Born and raised in Granada / Spain the now Berlin-based KID SIMIUS – better known as Jose Antonio Garcia Soler to his friends and parents – always had a musical mind.

Influenced by Lou Reed, Ennio Morricone as well as electronic artists like DJ Shadow he soon started to create first sound collages / proto DJ mixes in his bedroom, embraced Electropunk and started to push buttons, twist knobs and create unique electronic soundscapes which, in the years following and especially after he moved to Berlin 2009, took him around the world. As a highly renowned live act and producer he played international festivals like Melt!, Eurosonic, SXSW and Sziget, hooked up with the Marteria posse and released acclaimed singles on labels like Jirafa Records and the more club-focused imprint Katermukke.

Being around the vibrant scene in the German (electronic music) capital Berlin and being surrounded by DJ's and club culture on a regular sparked another passion in Kid Simius – the passion to DJ, to create new musical realms and to captivate heaving audiences throughout the course of pounding late night sessions. Interweaving seductive TechHouse grooves garnished with plenty of percussive layers, elements rooted in his Spanish provenance as well as exceptional vocal bits is Kid Simius mission on the decks, unveiling a previously lesser known aspect of his musical persona whilst pleasing punters all over the place when he's rocking crowds all over the place.

Watch out for forthcoming DJ dates near you to experience this new aspect of Kid Simius' musical activities on the club circuit!

KID SIMIUS (Jirafa Records/Katermukke/DJ Set)

Flexus & Joe Panic (Fuchs & Hase/GF-ENTERTAINMENT)

Danny Salas (Amaru Family / Streichelzoo)

presented by White Noise